Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Field Experience

1. How many hours did you complete?
I completed 5 hours.

2. In a short paragraph or bulleted list, how did you spend your time?

I spent some of my field experience hours in the Laurel County Public Library. The library has reading programs for young children. One activity that I participated in was called Babygarten. In this program, a couple women act as the leaders and lead songs with hand movements. It's a great way to start introducing babies to reading. I also participated in an activity for older children where the children hear a story and create a craft that goes along with the story. Before school was over, I spent time with the librarian at my school as well. I interviewed her to find out about a a new program we have at our school called Tumblebooks. I thoroughly enjoyed the field experience for this course because it pushed me to participate in activities that otherwise I may not have participated in.

3. How did the experience help you to strengthen at least one Kentucky Teacher Standard? (be sure to name the standard)

Leadership is one area that I constantly need experience with. This field experience helped me to stand up and be a leader. Working with and talking with the librarian helped me learn about tumblebooks which I will use in my classroom.

4. Talk a little about one thing you learned because of this field experience. 

My favorite part of this field experience was observing the librarians doing reading sessions. Watching them read books and lead songs was definitely a learning experience because as I watched them, I evaluated myself as a reader. Read-alouds are such an important part of the classroom instruction; therefore, it's so important that readers make the story as enjoyable as possible. 

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